Meet Our Seed Paediatric Services Team

We have a wonderfully diverse and passionate mix of professionals at SEED Paediatric Services, who are committed to providing expert paediatric occupational therapy services to our neurodiverse communities.

Our team is comprised of our dedicated Directors, skilled Administrative Staff, and our expert Clinical Team. We have several clinic locations and are spread across New South Wales, in Orange, Dubbo, and Bowral.

We bring unparalleled expertise in paediatric occupational therapy to rural communities, with a deep commitment to excellence, compassion, and empowerment in the therapy services we provide. 

Our Directors

Sarah MacInnes | Paediatric Occupational Therapist/Director | SEED Paediatric Services

Sarah MacInnes
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Understanding Sarah’s path as the founder of SEED Paediatric Services means starting with her early years in the small rural community of Narromine, NSW.

Sarah values giving back whilst earning a living, she understands the importance of family,
the need for a strong support network and the reliance of small communities on external supports.

This has formed the foundation of SEED’s values of excellence, empowerment and compassion.

Sarah’s purpose is to empower the child and family, the team and her community in SEED’s vision of becoming a leader in providing specialised therapeutic services to neurodiverse children in regional and rural NSW.

Seed Paediatric OT | Orange | Michelle Maunder

Michelle Maunder
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Michelle’s journey to becoming the co-director of SEED Paediatric Services is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the organisation’s values and her profound passion for paediatric occupational therapy. 

Michelle grew up on a family farm in Trundle. This has heavily influenced her work ethic, and the value of an Australian rural community. Michelle, along with her family, made a pivotal tree change from Sydney to Orange that eventually culminated in her joining Sarah in the early years of SEED Paediatric Services’ journey.

Michelle has a love for life, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and a belief in the transformative power of Occupational Therapy. Michelle embodies the core principles of SEED.

Michelle’s honest, caring and passionate approach has been crucial in maintaining the high standards of service the SEED team is well known for.

Her influence is a beautiful compliment to Sarah’s leadership and together they continue to lead SEED in a direction that not only upholds our values but also propels us into new realms of possibility.

Afterhours Michelle and her husband relish in spending time with their 3 vibrant teens (and their swag of friends) cooking BBQ’s to feed the masses, travelling far and wide to sports carnivals and generally trying to keep up with a busy family, occasionally squeezing in a solo camping trip to reflect and re-connect.  

Our Administration Manager

Seed Paediatric OT | Toni

Toni Sharma
Office Manager

Toni’s journey at SEED has evolved tremendously, originally joining Sarah in the early days as receptionist and booker keeper, culminating in her pivotal and irreplaceable role as our Office Manager.

Her career prior to SEED began in early childhood education, where her drive to make a real difference led her to manage long day-care centres and later to become an early education trainer and assessor.

Her personal journey with her daughter introduced Toni to the world of Occupational Therapy, sparking her newfound interest in sensory integration and the intricate ways in which we navigate the world. This pivotal experience saw her join the SEED Paediatric Services many years ago.

Toni is truly unparalleled in ensuring every family’s journey from the initial contact to the achievement of their goals is supported and celebrated.

Toni is a vital part of SEED, ensuring we operate at our best and is the reason our team can dedicate themselves to the invaluable clinical work we do. 

Toni loves to swim, read, and bake (especially pavlova). Toni revels in the magic of Harry Potter and being a passionate supporter of the Matildas, she never misses a game! 

Our Clinical Team of Occupational Therapists

Seed Paediatric OT | Cory

Cory Johnston
Paediatric Occupational Therapist
BOccThy (OT), GCPaedOT

Cory Dundon is a dynamic and insightful member of our SEED team. Based in QLD she supports our team remotely, bringing her clinical excellence and passion for the latest scientific research to all she does.

Her relentless drive to read the current science and integrate it into our treatment approaches is a perfect fit for SEED and an asset to our quality of service. Cory’s support for our team not only improves therapeutic outcomes for the children and families we serve, but inspires us all in our professional growth.

As a passionate co-host alongside Michelle on the “Spirited Conversations” podcast, Cory shares her extensive knowledge through insightful, evidence-based discussions on paediatric occupational therapy.

Cory delights in spending quality time outdoors or camping with her family (dog included), tackling home renovations and running around after her wonderfully spirited toddler. 

Aleisha Conn
Occupational Therapist (Dubbo)

When Aleisha joined the SEED team we had no idea it would culminate to SEED opening it’s doors in her home town of Dubbo!

Aleisha’s passion for supporting every child, including those with developmental trauma, drove her to pursue a Master’s degree in play therapy. She brings the highest quality treatment to sessions and beautifully blends the power of play into her work as an OT. Her commitment to the wider community and seeing success for each family and child is a true asset to Dubbo.

Outside of work, Aleisha finds time to get out in nature (preferably camping), join her friends on the netball court, read and spend time with her cheeky and beloved border collie. Her grounded, approachable nature makes her a favourite among children and parents alike. 


Olivia Seed Paediatrics Occupational Therapist Orange

Olivia Gay
Occupational Therapist (Orange)

Olivia embodies the spirit of dedication and hard work in her role as an occupational therapist on our Team. She is 100% committed to the treatment process, and tailors her approaches meticulously to meet the individual goals of each child she works with.

Olivia’s enthusiasm for our profession is infectious; she loves to share the daily behind the scenes and impactful moments of life as an OT through her active presence on TikTok – check it out at @LivtheOT. 

Her motivation and innovative methods consistently achieve impressive results and inspire joy and confidence in the children and families she works with.

When she’s not dominating on the netball court with friends, Olivia delights in the antics of her two furry friends, Barney and Tilly. 

Jordan Seed Paediatric Occupational Therapist | Orange

Jorden Griffen
Occupational Therapist (Orange)

Celebrated for her humour, passion, and creative approach to paediatric occupational therapy, Jordan brings vibrant energy to our SEED team. She is deeply committed to learning, and ever integrating new knowledge to support the children and families she works with.

Jordan brings her passion not only to the Orange clinic but to our rural communities surrounding Orange.  

Outside of work, Jordan loves to challenge herself with new skills, whether it’s experimenting creatively in her paintings and drawings or exploring new recipes in the kitchen. Her dedication to providing high-quality occupational therapy where it is most needed has seen her partnering with early intervention teams in rural communities and supporting them in new and innovative ways. 

Lee Desmidt
Occupational Therapist (Bowral)

We are over the moon to have Lee join our SEED team as an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist serving the Bowral community. Lee brings a naturally warm, fun, and incredibly compassionate presence to her work.

Known for her humility and deep passion for providing excellent service, she tailors her treatments to meet the specific needs of each child and family, inspiring the rest of us with her dedication! 

Her approach is fundamentally centred on understanding and supporting each unique individual and family that walks through the door. Lee has a remarkable knack for connecting deeply with her clients, and her energy and dedication shine through in everything she does.

When not working, Lee loves to stay active, whether she’s running, playing tennis, or swimming. She delights in trying to keep up with her energetic puppy, Indie, and is a self-confessed coffee and food enthusiast! When not travelling Lee enjoys downtime filled with the company of her family and friends. 

Rachael Curran
Occupational Therapy Assistant (Orange)

Warm, caring, and unfalteringly dedicated, Rachael pioneered our Occupational Therapy Assistant service at SEED. With her genuine passion to make a difference, she has been adored by our families and community.

Rachael’s journey to date has been one of ongoing pursuit of knowledge, reflecting her deep commitment to improving her skills. Her dedication extends beyond therapy in her additional role as part of our administration team.

With her incredibly compassionate nature, Rachel takes initiative embracing new projects with energy, drive and no hesitation. With an unwavering readiness to support the team in any capacity, she has become an indispensable part of SEED, embodying the values of teamwork, excellence, and compassion.

She not only supports us behind the scenes but also enriches therapeutic outcomes with her insightful, caring touch. 

Outside of work, Rach enjoys sharing a delicious meal in the company of her family and friends and is on the go in her role as Mum to her three wonderful children. 

Occupational Therapist Jobs | Regional NSW

Are you interested in working with SEED? Due to demand (long wait lists), we are always looking to hire Occupational Therapists for our regional NSW practices. If you’re interested please reach out to us, we would love to speak with you! Email Us